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Tuesday Rockpile: Troy Tulowitzki Trounces Team in Technique Trials, Dave Krieger is Optimistic

Tremendous Tulo

In working on fundamentals this spring, Rockies coaches ran a scored contest involving slug bunting, consecutive hits and opposite field hitting.  Tulo won in a landslide.  Pop the champagne!  Tulo is back!  Write down 30 HRs right now!   Okay, so this contest is pretty trivial, but Tulo's technique is not:

"I changed my game a little bit as far as putting the ball in play last year and not striking out. My strikeouts were way higher my rookie year. I closed the gap and had more walks," Tulowitzki said. "I need to find the happy medium. I cut down on my K's, but I didn't have any power behind it. With my legs healthy, I should have a firm base again."

Krieger's Kriestal Ball

85 wins.  That's his prediction.  That would certainly be more optimistic than most Denver non-beat columnists.  Then again, he's actually analyzing the team.  The Rocky Mountain News' readers don't agree with him, with the highest percentage of voters predicting the Rockies to finish with a win total in the 60's.  Of course, that will happen "with the monforts trading away every good player the rockies have ever had."  Or so believe readers.  Gag.

Name Game

Ubaldo Jimenez was utilized in a recent competition for best fantasy baseball team name over at FakeTeams.  "When You Lose Your Haren, You Find Ubaldo" lost by just two votes when the polls closed.  The winner had a memorable fall against the Rockies in 07.


DLR off a Dusty Shelf

This article, by David Gobliewski over at FanGraphs, was written two weeks ago.  I don't believe it was shared, so here's a chance to check out an outsider's analysis of Jorge de la Rosa, perhaps the biggest wild card on the roster.

Keep a close eye on Jorge this spring- he could finally make good on the promise he has only hinted at to this point in his career.


See it All

If you've been itching to see more of Sal Fasano's beard, a Carlos Gonzalez smile, a close-up of Omar Quintanilla's crotch or another striking shot of Chris Iannetta, you're in luck.  Just check out the most recent photojournals from the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News