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Friday Rockpile: Is that an echo I hear?

Todd Helton, his ab, and his playing time

Todd Helton in an article from 13 April 2008:

"I have one ab now," said Helton when asked about his trimmer, leaner physique.

And now Todd Helton in an article from 6 Feb 2009:

"I've almost got one ab now," he joked.

Anyway, Helton and Clint Hurdle seem to be on different pages right now for his amount of playing time. Helton thinks he can get back to the 140+ range, while Hurdle is more concerned with Helton doing well at the plate:

"I don't think there is any doubt that Todd is in the best position he's ever been to make an adjustment," Hurdle said. "He has to understand we have a large volume of games in front of him. He'll be aware that quality will be a focus point, rather than the quantity.

Hurdle has a point here. Helton will make an adjustment that is best for the team, and, ultimately, that should mean more rest for him.

Fogg in the Springs

Josh Fogg has agreed to join Colorado Springs should he not make the team out of ST and not receive an opportunity with another club in the majors.

Padres cut ties with 2004 1st overall pick

Back in 2004, the Padres had the first overall pick in the June draft. Matt Bush was a good prospect, certainly a first-round pick. First overall though? The Padres had been looking at Stephen Drew, Jeff Niemann, and Jered Weaver, but the money each was seeking put them off. The Padres settled on Bush because he would sign for less money and was from the area. He failed as a shortstop and then made a move to the mound (he was a decent pitching prospect also) during the 2007 season.

The Padres added Bush to the 40-man roster in November and removed him yesterday after learning of his possible involvement in a "drunken assault Wednesday involving boys lacrosse players on the Granite Hills High campus." 

As it stands now, the Rockies and Diamondbacks have done better with their first-round shortstop selections from 2004, the latter team having the most success with their guy.

Speaking of the draft, draft profiles are back. The first one will appear this afternoon, but future installments will be on Tuesdays.