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Saturday Rockpile: Offseason in Review, Hurdle keeps quiet about the closers, Hawpe to return today.

The Rockies are the subject of's latest entry of their Offseason In Review series. Tim Dierkes, the author of the article, says that despite the loss of Holliday, the Rockies should score more runs this year because of a mix of the assumption that Tulo and Atty will bounce back, Willy T is gone, and Iannetta/Helton/Stewart/Spilly/Smith will get more playing time. However, he says that won't make up for the lack of pitching depth, and that O'Dowd failed to acquire what the team really needs - quality starting pitching. 77 to 83 wins is the projection from Dierkes.

According to the Denver Post, Clint Hurdle is still keeping mum regarding the closer's role in Colorado. Huston Street and Manny Corpas, the two competitors for the job, don't seem to have done anything to set themselves apart - bad for Corpas, considering Huston Street's ERA was 33.75 before a scoreless inning a couple of days ago. Manny hasn't been bad at all though, as his sinker looks to be returning to form. He just hasn't had a lot of work, as he was off playing in the WBC for a couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out; both pitchers have history behind them, but aren't going to be able to rely on that alone.

In that same article, the DP states that Brad Hawpe will be returning from his pinkie injury today, starting in right field against the Mariners. Also, Garrett Atkins is expected to be out for a few more games due to his aggravated hip flexor. Atkins has apparently been able to take batting practice, but is having trouble with side-to-side movements - not a good prognosis for a guy who is already sub par in the range department.

Closing blurb: the Rockies have signed outfielder Lew Ford to a minor league contract. Ford comes our way from Hanshin Tigers of the NPBL, where he batter .225 with three homers and 11 RBI in 2008. His best season as a major leaguer came with Minnesota in '04, when he hit .299/.381/.446 and finished 24th in the MVP voting. He'll provide some needed depth for the Sky Sox, I'm sure.