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Rockies Blog Review:


Several solid posts from Rocky Mountain Way this week, these three were my favorites.

I love the way Tom weaves personal anecdotes into his posts.


Moving on, I'm having to post this a little later than I'd normally like, so I'll run through what were the highlights of the week for me.

  • I Live for This: My first love: On steroids and the fallen face of baseball.
  • Alex is asking for your favorite Spring Training moment so far.
  • Rockpile Rant (with a little help) gives a Rockies Rhyme and asks that we help and add some verses. I'm no poet and I know it.
  • Up in the Rockies has a rundown of the competition for the last two position player slots. Since Matt Murton seems to have an inside track for one right now, the question right now seems to hinge on whether people feel they can live without Scott Podsednik's speed or whether they feel Ian Stewart will be able to continue to emerge in a bench role with the team.
  • While I think some statistics are meaningless in certain short term contexts, measuring the number of hits a player gets in a week, for instance, or the number of wins a pitcher records in a season, I think over an extended period of time that they can begin to shed some light on players. One of my least favorite official stats, the hold, sort of qualifies as this. Just like a child that learns by touching a hot stove, eventually even the dumbest managers tend to figure out who their most reliable pitchers are, so a multi-season hold leaderboard like the one Neal did at Purple Rox Squad can be enlightening.

See, that didn't work quite as well as I expected. Feeling the need to add more and more commentary as I went along. Oops. 


You're never too young to start blogging about the Rockies, as Emily, with some help from her dad, Dan, shows in new Rockies blog Dinger's Best Friend. I want her room, although I noticed we have some of the same stuff already. I love my Todd Helton Babooshka.