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WBC Round 2: 3/15/09: 3:30 MT

Here is your WBC Update for Sunday



Pool 1 - San Diego, CA, USA:

Japan v Cuba is underway already, and the Japanese have taken advantage of a wild inning from Cuban SP Aroldis Chapman has been chased here in the 3rd, having allowed 3 runs on 3H and 3BB, and the relief hasn't helped much in stranding those runners. It's live right now on ESPN2, so join and maybe we can enjoy some baseball together.

Daisuke is DEALING. You should see the break on his pitches.

The sun isn't helping anyone either. I've seen many balls lost in RF.

Later tonight, at 9PM MT, Mexico and Korea will face off on ESPN2 in what will more than likely be another magnificent game.

The competition is thick in Pool 1, and most definitely worth watching.


Pool 2 - Miami, FL, USA

In the battle of the Losers today, Team USA will play Team Netherlands in a win-or-go-home matchup of Roy Oswalt and Rick VandenHurk.

The Netherlands kept their matchup with Venezuela close, and almost rallied at the end of the game, but KRod was able to come in and shut the Dutch bats down.

In the other matchup, team USA was Mercy'd by Puerto Rico, in an effort that USA RF Adam Dunn dubbed "Unacceptable, uncalled for." Dunn continued to say, "It is embarrassing. You go out and play like that, you get what you get."

Davey Johnson doesn't seem to realize how his poor decision in leaving Peavy in for a 6 run shelling really buried the chances of USA rebounding from the initial damage. ""I look forward to us having a good game [Sunday], and I feel sorry for who we play the next day because I think these guys are going to be up for it."

Oh, so that was the plan the whole time, Davey? Let us fall into a 0-1 hole so that the guys are all super fired up for the next game?

Here's to hoping that the Oswalt-to-Iannetta battery will provide the leadership that Team USA clearly needs. I also think we'll see Brian Roberts starting at 2B, and I sincerely hope Johnson will use him in the leadoff role. Rollins is better suited later in the lineup, and Victorino is a good 9 hitter.

Also here's to hoping that Chipper either goes 4-5 or goes 1-1 in a PH situation.