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Greetings from Glendale: 3/15/09 in Review

Good evening all you rowbots. This is mkorpal writing you - I hijacked Poseidon''s Fist's log-in.

Today was an absolutely fantastic day in sunny Glendale, Arizona. Temps around 77 and not a cloud in sight. It was a perfect day for baseball. And we all know how that turned out. Todays game, Rockies taking on the Dodgers.

The game was great, as you all know. Eric Young Jr. looked solid in the infield and Omar Quintanilla swung a hot bat. This is definitely the team that I want to see this year, play good fundamentals and get on base a bunch. Hopefully they can keep it up.

Camelback Park was fantastic looking. They did a great job with it. However, I think they channeled Disney Land a little too much. There was a large crowd, lots to look at, lots of pretty signs, and plenty of employees to tell us to stay on the path and not touch the rocks. Either way, it was miles ahead of Hi Corbett, which is quickly becoming the laugh stock of the Cactus League. Most interesting part of the day was Frank McCourt, Dodgers owner, drawing a big crowd after the game. I wonder what the reaction would be if the Monforts made an appearance...


Brand spanking new home to the Dodgers and White Sox spring training. -PF


So, they built a lake outside the park. It makes everything look pretty and also serves to irrigate the fields and separate the White Sox and Dodgers practice fields (Just in case war breaks out between them). -mkorpal



I guess we will call this the canal. It flows into a waterfall that goes into the lake. We tried to get a picture of the waterfall, but were yelled at for leaving the path and walking on the fragile rocks. -mkorpal



This is another part of the lake. Behind this is the entrance to the park at center field. -mkorpal



Looking from the outfield. The suites and press box are great looking. There is also plenty of seating for all those fans (10,000 +) -mkorpal



Behind center field is a little forest of Afghan Pine Trees.  This is a nice little view through them, looking at home plate. -PF



Hurdle has a heart to heart conversation with some fans over the dugout.  -PF



Tulo enjoys some BP.  -PF



Eric Young Jr. and  Omar Quintanilla walk to the dugout after a productive BP.  -PF



Bet you can't guess who this is. No seriously, who is it?  -PF



Alright rowbots, time for you to guess who is who. Poseidon's Fist and mkorpal.  -Becca, Dodgers fan



Wish you were here...