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Jhoulys Chacin Corrals The Snakes

Jhoulys Chacin made his first spring training start, and he didn't disappoint. Sure, there was that pitch Evan Frey hit for a two-run triple, but other than that it was coming up roses for Chacin. Chacin said this after the game (from Harding):

"When I'm pitching, I don't see who's hitting, so I try to make my pitch -- the only thing i [sic] can control is making my pitch," said Chacin, who forced some weak contact with his sinker and had an effective changeup. "But Upton, I wanted to face him. He's a good hitter and he's young, too."

Chacin struck out Upton to end the inning after that two-run triple. It's good to hear that Chacin doesn't fear facing the punk (let's remember: Justin Upton is a punk). Hurdle hasn't decided yet if Chacin will make another start. Here's hoping the answer is a resounding yes.

Huston Street, who is battling the "chronically underachieving" Manny Corpas for the closer's job, pitched two scoreless innings and struck out two. Both, though, will hopefully like the "ultra-cozy confines" of Coors Field when the season starts.

Oh, right, the Rockies won 8-3.

In other action today, Aaron Cook worked on refining his secondary pitches in an intrasquad game today.

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