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St. Patty's Day in Tucson

Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!  It was yet another hot day in Tucson as the Rockies pulled out their first tie of 2009.  Today also brought the return of Ubaldo Jimenez and Jeff Baker,  and Todd Helton's third home run.

We ventured to the major league batting practice fields, where they are continuing the scored contests of situational hitting and bunting.  We watched Christian Friedrich pitch in a minor league scrimmage on the minor league fields

Christian Friedrich showed off his curveball by earning a strikeout in a scrimmage on the minor league fields.


Check it out here



Ubaldo Jimenez delivers a pitch in the first inning Tuesday. -mkorpal



Everyone's favorite Coors Field vendor roams Hi Corbett Field as well. -PF


Todd Helton gets ready to unload on his first inning home run. -mkorpal



 Joe Koshansky watches Matt Murton drive a pitch to deep left field in BP.  Murton may be small, but he sure has power.  The team worked on situational hitting off of pitching machine curveballs.  Rich Dauer scored each hitter. -PF



The pitchers took bunting practice this morning.  Glendon Rusch lays down a bunt. -PF


At one point, the pitching machine broke, prompting someone to say "It's broken.  It's throwing bolts."  That's when Alan Embree said:

That's what it feels like when I pitch.

I sure hope he's joking.



Pitching Coach Bob Apodaca talks with RHP Jhoulys Chacin before bunting practice.  Advise:  Rich Dauer pronounced his name "YOO-leeze SHUH-seen" -PF



Huston Street and Jason Marquis walk up for their turn with the bat.  The two are new to the purple, but they had the most impressive showings in the cage today. -PF



Other Notes:

  • Dan Ortmeier is a fan of C Paul Phillips.  Batting practice today may have shown why.  Phillips had an impressive showing during the curveball situational hitting sessions.
  • The players really are embracing the point system with the contest.
  • Rich Dauer was generous with the points, often pointing out that the phantom runner in the situational drill was Dexter Fowler.  Good choice.  Fowler scored from first on a single by Carlos Gonzalez in the ninth inning vs Kansas City.