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Wednesday Rockpile: Tulopalooza rite brings hope of plenty for Rockies in 2009

The official site has its 2009 Preview for the Rockies up. Thomas Harding writes that Garrett Atkins returning to form is key for the Rockies season. Lisa Winston's article on our prospects cites the team's strength up the middle and in a separate post listed ten prospects to watch for the organization. Finally, a Q & A with Clint Hurdle shows him to be happy with the squad's pitching depth this season.

Tracy Ringolsby had 5 Questions for Ryan Spilborghs.

Troy Renck wrote on Rockies hitting coach Don Baylor.

I like Renck's post pointing out the trouble on the horizon for several MLB teams. The only one I may dispute is:

5. You're relying heavily on the return of a mysteriously disappearing slugger. If Travis Hafner doesn't start hitting like Pedro Cerrano of "Major League," the Indians are dead.

but I don't know if that's because I believe Pronk is back or if it's because I'm hoping against all logic that a certain once slugging first baseman for the Rockies is.

The Rockies had their first annual Tulopalooza last night in Tucson. The opportunity arose when the rich guy who owns the house that Troy Tulowitzki and Garrett Atkins were staying at croaked and the two hatched this plot for a great party if they could just convince everybody the guy was still alive. Wait, I might be getting my plot points mixed here. Sorry.