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Dodgers 3, Rockies 2

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Hand it to Dodgers starter Clayton Kershaw, who came in with a phenomenal performance on his birthday, pitching five innings of one hit ball and hitting a homerun off Rockies starter Franklin Morales. Morales was a bit wild, but worked through five innings himself, at times showing promise, at times showing that there's still work to be done.

THE BIG QUESTION: Mental miscues by the Rockies marred the early innings of this contest both on offense and defense. Lapses will occasionally happen, but when they are combined into one game like that, the results typically won't be good. Will young players like Morales and Carlos Gonzalez develop the mental focus needed to help this team be competitive this season?

The smaller question: Why did Ian Stewart suddenly stop hitting after that Angels game where he came up so big? 

WRAP RATING: I want Spring Training to end so badly, I'm popping out the days...