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Tuesday Rockpile: Dexter Fowler could break camp with the big club, Ian Stewart back at middle IF

Too early to expect Fowl to head south for the summer?

We didn't see this coming a month ago. Tracy Ringoslby reported late last night that "there are growing signs" that both Ian Stewart and Dexter Fowler will make the team. This seemingly contradicts his Battle Lines report earlier Monday which had Fowler 3rd in the CF battle.

Dexter Fowler

#24 / Center Field / Colorado Rockies





Mar 22, 1986

Fowler's steady improvement throughout spring is starting to show he is not as overmatched as previously thought. Thaks to Tracy:

In 12 games prior to Tuesday, he was not only 10-for-22, but had struck out only twice.

Those are some stat line that will turn some heads. There would be plenty more wide eyes should Fowler rapidly supercede the stud outfielder Matt Holliday yielded in that November trade.

Fowler would mitigate roster weaknesses of speed, CF defense and would be the only switch hitter on the roster. Call me conservative, but I don't make this move yet. I'm all for Fowler swinging his stick in the Springs for a couple months to compile at-bats. I don't see the need to rush him. Then again, if his statistical ascension continues over the next 12 days, I might have to reconsider.

Hurdle reads the Row?

Several Rowbots have been pining for Ian Stewart to get some playing time at 2B. Drew Goodman announced during yesterday's telecast that Stewart has been instructed to work on it, and Jeff Huson apparently witnessed it.

Three more sent down

Joe Koshansky and Greg Reynolds each got an invitation to Colorado Springs. No surprises there. Jhoulys Chacin was reassigned to minor league camp.

Other news and notes

Courtesy of Troy Renck....The Marlins may finally play in a baseball stadium. A $515 million retractable roof baseball stadium has been approved by Dade County, ready for 2012....To the dismay of RockiesMagicNumber, the Padres signed RHP Shawn Hill.

Parting Thoughts

The Rockies have received unexpected power from Todd Helton and Sal Fasano this spring. Note that Fasano's home runs have come against Jason Windsor, Rich Rundles and Yovani Gallardo. Gallardo gave up three home runs that day and clearly was off his game.

Conversely, Helton has hit home runs off of three major league pitchers: Gallardo, Kyle Davies and Chris Young. His other home run was off Arizona's Cesar Valdez.