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Rockies 8, Mariners 3

Put all your ducks on the pond and then bring them home in one swing... usually it's other teams that play this mixed metaphor game against the Rockies, see yesterday's game for a recent example, so it's nice to see the shoe fit for us this time around.

Christian Colonel

#62 / Third Base / Colorado Rockies





Dec 25, 1981

While some players still in major league camp are genuinely fighting for roster spots, there are others, like Colonel, who already have their tickets back to the minors punched and ready and are just hanging around for depth no matter what good they do this Spring. Colonel's first inning grand slam and five RBI day (his 15 for spring training now give him the team lead) isn't going to bump him ahead of Jeff Baker or Ian Stewart on the depth chart; it's just a reassurance that should something happen to one of those two, that the Rockies have a capable fill in at the ready. It seems very likely that Colonel, especially if he continues to perform as he has this Spring, will see an MLB debut at some point this season, whether it occurs as a DL call-up or in September.

Stewart also homered today for the Rockies and Aaron Cook pitched effectively through traffic, giving up three runs on 10 hits in five and two thirds innings. Juan Morillo and Manny Corpas each were sharp in their innings of work, the former making a stronger case to be kept into the season, the latter making a stronger case to win the closer battle with Huston Street (which decision Clint Hurdle has delayed making, apparently). Chris Iannetta continues to show his great patience, with three more walks.

THE BIG QUESTION: Who gets moved as a surplus? The Rockies seem to have one trade decision to make right now with Jeff Baker, but there appears to be another decision looming between Morillo and Ryan Speier for the last position in the bullpen once Taylor Buchholz returns. Both potential cuts have pitched very well in camp, neither has any chance of clearing waivers.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for Rockies fans holding out hope we can get something very valuable for the relievers, the expected return of this type of player falls into a few categories: a PTBNL (a player that must clear waivers before being added to the new team such as JDLR last season, only usually it doesn't work out so well), cash considerations, minor league relievers or other needed depth (the Rockies gave up Zach Simons to Detroit for Jason Grilli) or a combination of the above. Very rarely will a legitimate prospect return in these deals because the leverage is so one sided. The dealing team can't take on even equivalent MLB players because the lack of space is what's causing them to deal the player in the first place.

Baker almost falls into this category as well, unfortunately, but the Rockies may be able to squeeze just a little more out because the third base situation for a couple of teams is creating a bit of a need at the position right now.