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Monday Rockpile: Mediocrity or better for the Colorado Rockies in April

In yesterday's Rockpile, Rox Girl expressed her concerns over the April schedule. Troy Renck also has trepidation about April. Renck sees a tough early April for Hurdle and the Rockies, and If the team isn't mediocre the first month, Clint Hurdle won't be long for this team. Isn't "mediocre for April" one of those ritual spring training articles?

Mark Kiszla: Ian Stewart, the Great Rockies Hope.

While Franklin Morales appears to be the fifth starter in all but name, Tracy Ringolsby ponders if the Rockies will keep Morales on the roster at the start of the season and use him as a reliever before the team needs a fifth starter.

Matt Holliday tells everyone that we shouldn't worry about Troy Tulowitzki.

Sure, the pitching has been uneven this spring, but we shouldn't worry about it . . . yet.

Joe Koshansky is on the Texas Rangers's 40-man roster now, but Adam J. Morris of Lone Star Ball believes the club will try to slip him through waivers to get him off the 40-man.