Is this Spring Training a look into what the 09 season will hold for the Rox?

This has been a bad Spring Training for the Rox, and it just got worse with Bucholz now sidelined for some time with his injury.  Is this the way the season is going to go for the Rockies this year?  It really feels like this season is going to be a long year for the Rox.  I am hoping they can get this thing turned around, just like everyone else.  But do we even have a chance this season? From the way Spring Training has gone, I am having my doubts about this season.  I don't remember feeling like this in the past springs. 

Does the fact that they have not won a single game at all this spring mean anything at this stage in the season?Is the way they are playing now a cause for concern for a few months from now?  I would really like to  know what everyone else thinks about this.  Are you concerned about the 0-7 record?  Does the Bucholz injury make things even worse, or can we fill the huge hole he leaves? 

I am so excited for the season to actually start, but if this keeps going, and they start the season like they are playing now, well, it is going to be sad.

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