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Sunday Rockpile: Franklin Morales making the case, Helton debuts today

Franklin Morales threw four shutout innings yesterday and now appears to have a slight advantage when it comes to the fifth starter battle. Tracy Ringolsby lists him atop the other rotation candidates in his Battle Lines post. The Two Gregs, Smith and Reynolds, will try and not let him get too far out ahead when they come to the mound today.

Buried in an article on how NL West teams are grateful to not have to face Matt Holliday anymore, Clint Hurdle admits to Troy Renck that some of his rules regarding patience at the plate will remain in effect once the season starts. That's alright by me, if the Rockies are to compete this season, it will require a group effort at wearing down the opposing pitchers and having a lot of baserunners.

Todd Helton

#17 / First Base / Colorado Rockies





Aug 20, 1973

Todd Helton makes his spring debut today, he will bat third, and Ian Stewart may play as well. Thomas Harding has more on Helton's return at the Rockies official site. As good as "Duct Tape" (Hurdle's nickname for Christian Colonel) and company have been doing the last two games, it will be nice to see some of the guys we're really going to be counting on this season get some hacks today.