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Rockies 5, Royals 6: Dexter Fowler, Ian Stewart impress in batter's box, on the field

What's the main story from today's game? That the Royals clubbed five homers today? Well, I guess the Alex Gordon picture accompanying this story might suggest that to be the case, but our photo archive still doesn't have any pictures of today's capitvating player: Dexter Fowler.

Once upon a time (actually, 2004), Dexter Fowler was considered a premium talent in the draft, but teams thought he'd attend college. He did have offers to play baseball with the Miami Hurricanes or basketball at Harvard. The Rockies took a chance on him in the 14th round and after freeing up some money in the Larry Walker trade, inked Dex. He took up switch hitting and advanced his way to being the Rockies' top prospect and making the Rockies Opening Day roster in 2009.

So why was he captivating today? Fowler collected three-fourths of the cycle (no homer), knocked in a run, and scored twice. Fowler's double lead off the game, which was followed by a Troy Tulowitzki RBI double. Tulo added another RBI later.

Ian Stewart started at second base and turned a nice double play. He eventually shifted over to third. This guy needs to play.

Aaron Cook continued to work on his secondary pitches, but his final outing wasn't too nice. He saw two balls fly over the wall and allowed three runs.