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Friday Rockpile: Opening Day at Coors Field has come

Today's home opener will certainly be different from last year's. There'll be no ceremony before the game to unveil anything, which certainly more than a few people did expect to happen. That the home opener will be against the defending World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies should make the Rockies think, "We'll show them why they won't be defending the World Series crown later in the year." Todd Helton wants to move past the frenzy of the home opener and just play some ball. Go get 'em, Todd. But make sure that back of yours is well.

That link also mentions that Greg Smith likely won't be ready for a possible return to the majors until the end of May as a result of receiving a cortisone shot for biceps tendinitis. Another something for the trade naysayers to pile on.

Troy Tulowitzki, Troy Renck writes, has matured into a team leader and always makes it about the team. He certainly seems far enough away from his disastrous start to the 2008 season.

Over at the Denver Post, Barry Osborne chronicles Opening Day in Denver over the last century and few years. At Inside the Rockies, Jack Etkin looks at some of the more memorable home openers in Rockies history.

The economy is bad, but spending money to watch baseball at the ballpark  may well be worth it, Patrick Saunders writes. I just spent $115 on two tickets for Wednesday's game at CitiField. It'll be worth it.