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Phillies 7, Rockies 5

Taking advantage of big fat juicy hanging pitches with runners in scoring position. Homers when they were needed. Timely pitching and a bullpen that stopped the bleeding. Nine innings of baseball rather than two. 

One team played like a championship caliber club in Denver on Sunday, it wasn't the 3-3  Rockies. Kudos to the Phils for a fine upheaval of our spirits there. Our dynamic 8th/9th duo of Manny Corpas and Huston Street are getting most of our scrutiny for the two run home runs each served up, but where was the offense after the second inning? Why did it take until the ninth before the team seemed to start taking pitches and battling in their AB's again? Anyway, I've got a bat taste in my mouth that's still lingering,

blech blech blech blech.

I'm going to cut this thing short. Let's come back with a more complete game against the Cubs.

THE BIG QUESTION: Did the Rockies learn anything from this loss?

WRAP RATING: Nem chua, a Vietnamese sour wrap.

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