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Monday Rockpile: The Rockies head to Chicago for the Cubs' home opener

Well, the Rockies may play in the Cubs' home opener today if the weather situation changes, but there's an 80% chance of rain and the radar has a huge band of bad weather sitting over Chicago for some time to come.

Patrick Saunders writes that the bullpen's closing tandem failed its first major test of the season. But whoever wrote the headline for the article should have thought about it some more. That's how controversies that aren't real (at least not yet) crop up--fan looks at headline, notes that the closer job isn't settled, and starts making uninformed comments. Just look at the comment at the end of the article and that will tell you why George Costanza never became the Yankees' general manager.

Jack Etkin places the story of the game on the offense's inability to hit the ball after Chan Ho Park left the game, noting the Rockies managed only two singles after that point.

Aaron Cook on his best friend:

"Most of the time I hope I don't have to use it," Cook said. "Knowing that I do have it is good. I've worked really hard when I get in those situations to be able to slow the game down and realize I am just one pitch away from getting out of it."

The Cubs will be without the services of Milton Bradley, who left Sunday night's game in the fourth inning with a right groin injury. The good thing is, I guess, that he didn't get injured when tackled by his manager during a dispute with the umpire.

There may be some controversy over the Cubs' closer job, but Lou Piniella is sticking with Kevin Gregg--just not for more than an inning.