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Friday Rockpile: Chris Iannetta's defense; new closer tonight?

Both Troy Renck and Thomas Harding write about Chris Iannetta's improved defense this season.

Also from the Denver Post, Todd Helton isn't blaming his bad back for the start of his season. It's about getting into a groove:

"It's just timing, that's all. I am getting started late and the ball is on me," Helton said. "I need to get the swing started earlier and stay through the ball."

But is Helton's slow start the biggest surprise for the Rockies so far?

In that same article, it mentions that Clint Hurdle may go with Manny Corpas as closer tonight, ending Street's turn at the job. Will this turn into a revolving door for the two of them?

Juan Morillo was placed on waivers yesterday, and we'll find out his fate with the Rockies by Monday.