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Friday Rockpile: Salt Lake City, the Next Great Rockies City?

The Salt Lake City Tribune explores what Charlie Monfort and Keli McGregor have been doing in Salt Lake City to promote the Rockies. Charlie Monfort wants Utahns to take road trips to Denver on the weekends:

"You can get there Friday night, see three games and get back to Salt Lake by Sunday evening," he said last week.

We've recently had a number of fans from Salt Lake City show up here on the Row. I'd like to find out what they (or anyone else) think the Rockies could do to grow the Salt Lake City market.

Troy Renck writes that the the starting pitching should take plenty of blame for the early season woes, because the pitchers aren't working long enough into games. As a result, the bullpen enters into unfavorable situations.

But then, as we all know, the Rockies also fail to hit with runners in scoring position. One of the players thinks a they'll find a palliative starting tonight:

"Being back home should help get us going," Tulowitzki said.

Though just hitting .143 with RISP, Garrett Atkins seems to be getting into the swing of things, but he still has plenty of room before he gets there.