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Sunday Rockpile: Nothing to see here, folks. Please pay attention to something else.

It's a good thing that the NFL draft is going on, that the Nuggets are in the playoffs, and that the weather in Colorado is being its mercurial self still, because like a park operator that's trying to hide the PR disaster that unfolded on the opening of glistening new but fatally flawed roller coaster, the Rockies are in dire need of the distractions while they clean up the mess and hide the evidence.

We've got a search and rescue operation looking for the Rockies ace.

We've also got a Harvard class athlete that still can learn a thing or two about basestealing according to Glenallen Hill.

[UPDATE] If you know my history of needling the Denver Post and its writers, you'll know they must have pretty thick skins. I struck a raw nerve with Patrick Saunders, though, with the way I originally worded the aforementioned link, which he felt made it seem like Saunders himself was questioning Fowler's intelligence, baserunning or otherwise. That's not the case, and if you click through and read the article, you'll see that. I apologize to Saunders for any offense, I didn't intend it that way. 

And about the only solace we can take is that a similar disaster has unfolded thus far in Arizona.

So uhm, how about those stadium improvements in Montrose, eh? Pretty nice, no?