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Spring Training Game #35: Franklin Morales vs. Jarrod Washburn

So I have absolutely zero desire to have the Mariners starting pitcher tonight over our starting pitcher in 2009, let alone in seasons yet to come, but guess which one is projected to be better? And not just a little bit better, either, we're talking about what Tim Lincecum is expected to be to Washburn, is what Washburn is supposed to be to Morales. Tonight we get to see this marvel in action. Washburn's probably going to be available yet again at the deadline. Any takers? Anybody? 

Check out the winds according to Gameday, left to right, 25 mph, and supposedly gusts up to 48 mph are possible.

You know, the weird way the photo's overlapping the numbered lineup is making me try to come up with something more insightful to say just to bump things down a few lines. I think I'm failing miserably. Although I can point out some delusional daydreaming at Lookout Landing about how Washburn can somehow miraculously regain his value. That was fun, wasn't it? Or count the number of Giants fans that think their team will finish behind the Rockies this season. I guess it's good to be hopeful, I just hate to disappoint an entire city like that. Okay, I don't hate it that much. Or at all.

The Rockies lineup:


  1. Fowler CF
  2. Spilborghs LF
  3. Helton 1B
  4. Atkins 3B
  5. Hawpe RF
  6. Tulowitzki SS
  7. Iannetta C
  8. Baker DH
  9. Barmes 2B


For the Mariners and their oh so intimidating AL lineup:


  1. Chavez LF
  2. Gutierrez CF
  3. Beltre 3B
  4. Branyan 1B
  5. Sweeney DH
  6. Johnson C
  7. Balentien RF
  8. Cedeno 2B
  9. Woodward SS


Yeah, okay, so let's only leave what happens in Vegas there if we lose. If we win, we may feel free to take back some souvenirs.