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Saturday Rockpile: ESPN's power rankings and pre-season predictions, Fogg to the Orioles?, more has posted their first power rankings of the 2009 season. Colorado comes in at #24. The East Coast Sports Network likes the Rockies' depth at closer, but doesn't think the team will get too many leads for Corpas and Street to be able to hold.

The self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports also posted their annual MLB preview for each of the 30 teams. The Rockies are expected to finish fourth by everybody except for Rob Neyer, who thinks they'll repeat as third-place finishers. Also, if you have Insider access, you can see that the guys in Bristol don't think much of the Rockies' defense.

Continuing with the ESPN theme, noted baseball scout Keith Law (who I personally really like and think is a credible baseball mind) had a chat recently and answered quite a few Rockies-related questions for a change. Some humorous insight included:

In regards to whether or not he saw the performances of Dexter Fowler and Franklin Morales this Spring:

I didn't see the Rockies - every time they came to Phoenix it seemed like they were using Hirsh and Greg Smith and really I'd rather light myself on fire than watch those guys.

And, when asked for his thoughts on Huston Street being named the Rockies' closer:

"Your 2009 Rockies: Our Ninth Innings are Now 40% More Exciting Than Ever!"

Let's hope Mr. Law is wrong about that last one - although I tend to agree with him on the first.

According to Troy E. Renck, Josh Fogg has garnered mild interest from the Baltimore Orioles, but if nothing materializes, we can expect to see him start the season in the Springs.

Renck also echoed what seems like is a baseball-wide sentiment (check out the video in the aforementioned ESPN season preview) - that Troy Tulowitzki is ready to bounce back. He also spoke with Ian Stewart, who says that he's still trying to adjust to playing on the right side of the field, but that he'll adapt quickly because he wants to be out there. We want you to be out there too, Ian.