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Troy Renck reports Rays looking at Aneury Rodriguez

The Tampa Bay Rays have been heavily scouting minor league Rockies RHP Aneury Rodriguez as a target for a Jason Hammel trade according to Troy Renck. The 21 year old Rodriguez has flown under the radar among Rockies prospects, always performing just well enough to merit attention but not putting together a complete season, or a suitable off speed pitch to complement his fastball, to elevate himself to elite prospect status.


Jason Hammel

#49 / Pitcher / Tampa Bay Rays





Sep 02, 1982


Hammel's propensity to give up the homerun may look troublesome, although not having to face Alex Rodriguez (who has 4 career HR off Jason) probably helps in that category a lot. Hammel would move into the Rockies bullpen as a long reliever and insurance policy in case Franklin Morales is unable to perform as a fifth starter. Renck says that the move would likely mean that the Rockies have to cut Juan Morillo unless they can work something out to trade him, the post says the Marlins are potentially interested.

UPDATE: Tracy Ringolsby has a source that says the teams are working out the final details on a deal that would send Rodriguez to Tampa for Hammel.