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Rockies Review: Waiting for the season to start with bated breath

Record for 3/30-4/5: 5-1

Overall Record: 17-17

Feeling a Mile High: Dexter Fowler, Franklin Morales, and Huston Street are this week's big winners for winning a platoon/bench position, a rotation spot, and the closer job, respectively. Franklin Morales was uneven early on this spring, but turned things around just as his competitors failed take advantage of the situation. After his start Wednesday, it may be a few weeks until we see Frankie again.

Dexter Fowler skips Triple A Colorado Springs to start the season with the big league team. There was a spirited discussion on Wednesday about the merits of keeping Dexter Fowler on the roster as a bench player and what the best outfield configuration would be for the season.

Huston Street won the closer job over Manny Corpas due to his experience and strong finish in March.

At Sea Level: Manny Corpas was strong throughout the month of March, but for now he'll pitch as the setup man to Huston Street.

Below Sea Level: Matt Murton seemed on his way to a bench spot with the Rockies before his sudden Monday demotion. Clint Hurdle told us that he'll be back, but for now Murton will toil in the minors once again.

The Week Ahead: The Rockies will play three games against Arizona on the road starting Monday before an off day on Thursday. The 2008 World Series Champion Philadelphia Phillies travel to Denver for a three-game series starting Friday afternoon.

Baseball's almost back!

But join me after the jump for a bit more.

So there you have it. Your (unfounded) fears about me turning this into some quasi-Rockies article containing a multitude of Star Wars and military history references didn't turn out to be true.

I possess neither Silverblood's acerbic wit nor her striking good looks to make you flirt with me. So I went with something simple today. I wanted to provide a snapshot of who had a good week, who had a bad week, and who was somewhere in between. As you can see this week, it wasn't so much about their actual performances that determined things.

See, a weekly review of the Rockies was an idea I had been kicking around since the middle of 2006, but never did anything with it that season. During the last half of the 2007 season I gave out weekly awards to the best hitter and pitcher via community polls. I did it until the last week of the season, forgetting to do it in what became the start of the frenzy that was Rocktober. I didn't return to it in 2008 but I feel like doing something similar this year. So, I'm asking for suggestions on how to do weekly Purple Row awards for the Rockies. Funny suggestions welcomed, but serious considerations sought.