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Tuesday Rockpile: Rockies lose Opener - fate points to World Series appearance

Fuel for your purple-tinted shades

Aaron Cook was very ineffective while being saddled with the loss on Opening Day, even though the offense roughed up Brandon Webb in a surprising slugfest.  Wait, doesn't that sound familiar?  As a few Rowbots and Tracy Ringolsby have pointed out, the last time that happened, the Rockies found themselves in the World Series six months later.

Hey...optimism is still allowed.

Ringolsby believes he sees the return of that unselfish team mentality that Rocktober squad had eminating out of every pore.  He points at the even-keeled anti-Cutler reactions to the Barmes/Stewart swap in the starting lineup as an example. 

Maybe it's the team mentality.  Maybe the fact that every Rockie hitter Monday is home-grown.  Maybe Dan O'Dowd has just assembled some serious talent.  Or maybe it was Brandon Webb's sore shoulder.  Whatever made the Rockies bats click Monday, please wash, rinse, repeat.  The same for Cook, except the last step.


Roster housekeeping

Troy Renck reports that Jason Hammel and Matt Belisle will join the club Friday for the Home Opener.

"We thought (Hammel) made progress last year out of the bullpen. We like his versatility," Rockies general manager Dan O'Dowd said. "We think he's at a good age (26) to turn the corner."-Renck

To make room, Franklin Morales will be sent to AAA after his Wednesday start, and Juan Morillo will likely be traded.  Likely destinations are Florida, San Diego (ugh), or Texas.

Jack Etkin reports on the finalization of minor league rosters.  A pitching enthusiast can't go wrong in Tulsa:  their rotation will include Jhoulys Chacin, Chaz Roe, Samuel Deduno, Esmil Rogers and Keith WeiserBrandon Hynick has been assigned to Colorado Springs.


Weak out West

Marc Hulet from FanGraphs compiled a list of MLB's ten worst farm systems, as assigned by Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America and FanGraphs themselves.  The Dodgers, Padres and Diamondbacks made the "Bottom 10" list for all three.  Still, Erik at Beyond the Boxscore rates the Rockies below Arizona.


Familiar Faces

Since Brian Fuentes and Matt Holliday both moved to the AL West, it was only a matter of time until the former teammates squared off.  But who would have expected Big Daddy to be Tito's second batter?  Holliday popped out to right in the top of the ninth as Fuentes completed a perfect save.  Matt had a fairly unassuming debut but did record 1/3 of Oakland's hits and had a nice sliding catch.  I also didn't see him smile once wearing green, so maybe he misses Colorado and will re-sign in the offseason.  Hey...optimism is still allowed.



 From Herm Edwards Aaron Cook:

"The idea was to try and win the game.’’-Ringolsby

Okay, that's unfair.

"It was a really bad performance," said Cook, who traced his problems to losing the balance point in his delivery. "We are all in this together, and nobody points fingers. But I definitely blame myself."-Renck