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Friday Rockpile: And now back to our regularly scheduled closer change

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Welcome to May! As Rox Girl pointed out in yesterday's Rockpile, this month hasn't been kind to the Rockies in recent years. Before 2007's May 15-13 record, we need to go back to 2002 when the Rockies went 19-10. The guys that year got Clint Hurdle off to a nice start in his first full month as Rockies manager. But May has been more like the photo above.

In what likely won't be the last change in the closer position this season, Clint Hurdle will make Huston Street the closer again. So, what's wrong with Manny Corpas that he loses the job? Here's how the DP's article puts it:

The conflicting answers explain why Manuel Corpas is no longer the Rockies' closer.

Ask Corpas why he's struggling, allowing nine hits and three runs in his last four innings, and he's succinct: "It's my slider."

Ask pitching coach Bob Apodaca, and he's just as brief: "It's his fastball."

Or is it that Corpas has trouble maintaining his delivery, as the article mentions, because that affects his pitches?

It's certainly what's caused Ubaldo Jimenez's recent struggles. In the article, pitching coach Bob Apodaca goes on to suggest that the in-game pressure Jimenez faces results in missing his balance point. Maybe U-Ball should discuss this with Jorge De La Rosa, who corrected a similar problem.

Also of note: Purple Row reached the 800,000 visit mark a few days ago and experienced its best month ever for visits.


During Rocktober we had 50,799 visits. We still need to work on the number of page views, as Rocktober had 225,646 of those.

If this trend continues, we should have our 1,000,000th visitor toward the end of the season.