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Game #21: Ubaldo Jimenez vs. Randy Johnson

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In what could be an epic pitching duel, the wily veteran--45 year old Randy Johnson--goes for career win 297 against the new gunslinger in town, 25 year old fireballer Ubaldo Jimenez. With rain in the forecast for San Francisco tonight, we could get a washout, or if not, a game played in cold wet conditions--Ubaldo's favorite, we all know.

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Colorado Rockies
@ San Francisco Giants

Friday, May 1, 2009, 8:15 PM MDT
AT&T Park

Ubaldo Jimenez vs Randy Johnson

Mostly cloudy,rain. Game time temperature around 55.

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Rockies hope to continue success at AT&T Park this weekend

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Ubaldo Jimenez

#38 / Pitcher / Colorado Rockies





Jan 22, 1984

You won't like Randy Johnson when he's angry! Johnson is just 1-2 with a 6.16 ERA this season, and he can't be pleased. Look for him to take out his frustration on the Rockies.

Randy Johnson

#51 / Pitcher / San Francisco Giants





Sep 10, 1963

Here are the lineups for tonight:


Colorado Rockies @ San Francisco Giants

05/01/09 8:15 PM MDT

Colorado Rockies San Francisco Giants
Dexter Fowler - CF Randy Winn - RF
Matt Murton - LF Edgar Renteria - SS
Todd Helton - 1B Pablo Sandoval - 3B
Garrett Atkins - 3B Bengie Molina - C
Ryan Spilborghs - RF Aaron Rowand - CF
Troy Tulowitzki - SS Fred Lewis - LF
Chris Iannetta - C Travis Ishikawa - 1B
Clint Barmes - 2B Emmanuel Burriss - 2B
Ubaldo Jimenez - P Randy Johnson - P

And no, you eyes do not deceive you Rowbots. Brad Hawpe is not in the lineup tonight against Randy Johnson. He will be replaced by Matt Murton.