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Rockies defense flubs the first, Astros take the game and series.

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Part of the reason I've never done game wraps on Purple Row until we had an SBN wide mandate to is because I feel that any individual game in a 162 game season is going to tell you very little about the big picture of the team and I like to try and stay in that big picture mentality as much as possible. This afternoon's loss to the Astros is no exception, but there certainly were some big picture parallels:


  • Garrett Atkins is a weakness on defense, and those moments he makes good at the plate don't justify it.
  • Brad Hawpe's moments of making good at the plate have been justifying his defense (which isn't as bad) this season.
  • Despite the poor looking results, the pitching isn't really the problem. Jason Hammel allowed seven hits and zero walks, eight groundball out versus five in the air, and anybody who watched the game can tell you that GB out percentage should have been even higher than that.
  • The Rockies' problems with LHP's (4-7) have nothing to do with the team's left handed batters being made ineffective or neutralized and have everything to do with the right handed batters not stepping up at times. Heading into today, Rockies right handers had a .253/.329/.479 line against LHP's, while the left handed batters on the team are hitting .340/.409/.608 vs. LHP's. Today against the Astros Wandy Rodriguez, that continued, right handed position players went 2 for 15 (.133), while their left handed counterparts went 3 for 8 (.375).

The fixes to the team are easy to see but hard to stomach. The Rockies are now 13-20 after the five to three loss.




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