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Saturday Pebble Report

Colorado Springs, W 8-4: Sal Fasano clubbed a three-run homer and Matt Miller knocked one out of the park in this Sky Sox victory. Mike McCoy had a triple and two RBI. Josh Fogg allowed three runs (two on a homer) in 5 1/3 innings.

Tulsa, L 7-9: Mike Paulk hit a three-run homer in the first inning as part of his 2-for-3 night at the plate. Darin Holcomb knocked in two runs. Keith Weiser allowed two two-run homers as part of the seven runs he saw cross home plate in six innings of work. Ryan Mattheus took the loss after he allowed two runs in the top of the ninth.

Modesto, W 6-5 in 12 innings: In the bottom of the 12th, Hector Gomez singled and then advanced to third on a Brian Rike single. After Jason Van Kooten grounded out, Jay Cox reached base on a fielding error that allowed Gomez to score the winning run. Gomez went 3-for-5 with two runs scored. Charlie Blackmon  collected four hits, a run scored, a triple, and an RBI.

Modesto pitchers piled up the strikeouts last night, starting with Connor Graham's seven. He did, however, allow those five runs in 5 2/3 innings. Hector Luna actually inherited three runners and allowed all three to be charged to Graham. The pitchers combined to strike out 17 Giants, including Ryan Speier's two. Speier allowed a hit and a walk but no runs.

Asheville, L 1-5: Jimmy Cesario hit his third homer of the season, and that was about it for the offense. Robinson Fabian allowed four runs in seven innings and struck out five.

Erik Wetzel went on the DL for a broken hand, leading to RHP Stephen Dodson taking that spot on the roster.