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Saturday Rockpile: More roster moves to come; Offseason departures affecting Atkins

As many of us already suspected, Glendon Rusch  is likely only the first in a series of roster moves to be made by the Rockies' brass, according to Troy E. Renck. In addition to mentioning Joel Peralta as a candidate to be called up to the big club (who would he replace?), he says that Carlos Gonzalez or Daniel Ortmeier could prove to be capable bench bats, and although the Rox are filled with outfielders, it wouldn't be out of the question for one of those two guys to take Omar Quintanilla's spot on the team. It should, hopefully, be a hectic next couple of weeks if the club isn't able to improve on their 14-20 record; their performance in two winnable road series will be a key factor in whether or not more shakeups go down.

Patrick Saunders speculates that there could be more to Garrett Atkins' struggles than what's on the surface. Saunders suggests that Atkins misses Matt Holliday; not just his bat, but as "a friend, mentor, and confidant."  He also thinks that Mike Gallego's departure has negatively affected Atkins due to the solid working relationship they had. Unfortunately for Atkins, the two can't be brought back at this point. This might sound harsh, but he needs to suck it up and stop sulking. If he's truly upset over their exits, than he should take it out on opposing pitchers, in the cage, while taking ground balls, etc. Obviously, this is probably easier said than done and I'm just an insensitive fan who doesn't "get it," anyway. The bit by Saunders is a good read - it also discusses the team's faith in Dexter Fowler and what 2,000 hits means to Todd Helton.

Speaking of Todd and 2,000 hits, he sits at 1,998 right now. I think he'll get two hits tonight to reach the milestone, so if you can't watch the game (or even if you can), be a part of the excitement on the Row this evening. Oh and by the way, I'm watching SportsCenter right now, and Ryan Spilborghs' brilliant homer-stealing catch was only #3 on Top Plays...I guess that's how karma works, because Spilly was robbed!