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Rockies 2009 Open Book Quiz: Is Gen R Dead?

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Fill in the blanks:


  1. If the Rockies were to make the playoffs in 2009, they would have had to be led by this player currently on the roster:
  2. That player's current age is:
  3. The Rockies pitcher most likely to receive Cy Young recognition this year or in the future is:
  4. That pitcher's current age is:



  6. Brad Hawpe is capable of winning or at least competing for an MVP
  7. Garrett Atkins would be a top ten choice for my third base slot in fantasy baseball.
  8. Clint Barmes would be a top ten choice for my second base slot in fantasy baseball
  9. Aaron Cook would be a solid starting pitcher in fantasy baseball

    The following six teams are currently in second place in their respective divisions, which Rockies player currently on the roster helps that team the most to win the division?


  11. NL West: San Francisco Giants -
  12. NL Central: Chicago Cubs -
  13. NL East: Philadelphia Phillies -
  14. AL West: Los Angeles Angels -
  15. AL Central: Kansas City Royals -
  16. AL East: Boston Red Sox -

    Choose the best 28-30 year old player from the following pairs:



  18. Corner Infield: Ryan Howard / Garrett Atkins
  19. Second Base: Chase Utley / Clint Barmes
  20. Starting Outfield: Shane Victorino / Ryan Spilborghs
  21. Right Field: Jayson Werth / Brad Hawpe
  22. Shortstop: Jimmy Rollins / Omar Quintanilla
  23. Pinch Hitter: Greg Dobbs / Jeff Baker
  24. Starting Pitcher: Brett Myers / Aaron Cook
  25. Starting Pitcher: Joe Blanton / Jason Marquis
  26. Starting Pitcher: Jake Woods or Cedrick Bower? / Jorge De La Rosa
  27. Backup Catcher: Carlos Ruiz / Yorvit Torrealba

  29. If you had to pick a team consisisting entirely of either the above players on the left or entirely from the right to go to the playoffs in 2009 which would you select?