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Monday Pebble Report:

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Colorado Springs: L 5-11

We knew that the BABIP luck that Alan Johnson had in his first few starts would turn around eventually, it was merely a matter of how bad the damage was going to be once it did. His last two starts are saying "Pretty bad"... 10 IP, 16 H, (8 for extras, including 4 HR) and 13 runs allowed. Let's hope he settles somewhere on the positive side of the middle here.

Mike McCoy, Dan Ortmeier (who the Rockies are thinking of calling up, why?), Edwin Bellorin and Jonathan Herrera led the offense with two hits apiece.

Modesto: W 2-1

Kenny Durst pitched well and Rhadames Nazario went four for four as the Nuts rallied in the bottom of the ninth for a thrilling win. Nazario scored the tying run in the bottom of the ninth after doubling and being driven in by Michael Mitchell single. With two outs and the game on the line, Mitchell than stole second off of Buster Posey and scored the walk off winning run on a Charlie Blackmon single.