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Tuesday Rockpile: Helton finishes 2k run...maybe

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A ton of hits for Helton

Todd Helton's screaming liner in the ninth inning past Yunel Escobar last night first looked to be his 2000th hit, but the lack of certainty proved awkward.  The umpires tossed the possible historic ball to the Rockies dugout, but official scorekeeper Jack Wilkinson ruled it an error.

Personally, I was glad.  Todd Helton is the best player in franchise history, yet he has not had much to celebrate in his career.  Call me a sentimental, but Helton won't reach 3,000 hits, and hit #2,000 deserves to be better than the awkward liner in question.

But Clint Hurdle doesn't see it that way.  Immediately after the error ruling, he called the press box to dispute, without discussing it with Helton, who was still on base.  As holly96 first noted last night, Clint Hurdle will be meeting with Wilkinson this morning in an effort to reverse the ruling, effectively giving Helton his 2000th hit retroactively.

Naturally, the almost bashful Helton could seemingly care less how his milestone is reached - the same for Hurdle - but his teammates want to honor him more.  Quotes:

"I do this for players all the time when I think it's inappropriate," Hurdle said. "I have to take the initiative for my players." -AP

"I should have hit it higher or somewhere else. I thought it was a hit. Oh, well...I don't care about that," Helton said. "If they told me (Monday night), it will be great. And then I'd go back to sleep."-Renck

Most of Helton's teammates are privately pulling for the call to stand. They want to celebrate with him — not three hours before the game in an empty stadium.-Renck

"We want him to have his moment," second baseman Clint Barmes said. "He deserves to have it happen that way." -Renck

Either way, the celebration won't be as momentous as his 300th HR or his classic Rocktober pose. I still just want to see the guy get his due honor on the field.


Is DLR for real?

Jorge de la Rosa has been the best starting pitcher for the Rockies so far this season.  His FIP is below three and his K's are near the top in the league.  Eno Sarris at Fangraphs scrutinized his peripheral stats, and the conclusion:

In short, this young Rockies pitcher has changed his entire approach to pitching over the past years...De La Rosa is a changed pitcher – that much seems clear. And that counts as a good thing.

Other Links and Notes

Jack Etkin notes that the Rockies have won three straight road series openers, which puts them at 3-5, 6-7 overall.  To quickly squash your optimism, the Rox have managed just one series win in the six series they won the first game.

Troy Renck's take on the Rockies is similar to most fans but is unique in noting that they are less useful than an I-Phone.

For Rockies and baseball fans on the east coast:  World series games will start 40 minutes earlier.

This one's for Russ.  Dreamy Iannetta tied Cory Sullivan for the longest errorless streak in franchise history last night, meaning he could hold the franchise record tonight.

Hitting coach Don Baylor was released from the hospital and could join the team in Detroit Friday.  He was suffering from pneumonia. 

For your morning facepalm, check out RMN's latest fanshot.

Lastly, state baseball power Eaton High School won the Colorado 3A state championship Saturday, beating Holy Family 13-0 on their way to a  25-0 record.  What's the significance?  Dick Monfort's son Sterling was the first baseman.