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Friday Rockpile: Clint Hurdle given benefit of doubt; no trades on the horizon

Troy Renck checks in with this article on Clint Hurdle's status as manager. Dan O'Dowd says some of the usual stuff: Hold me accountable, need to play better, and Hurdle needs the players to be accountable. At the end of the article, Hurdle is quoted as saying that he and the Rockies need to "bust through it and stay through it." I wonder if he's playing The Doors' "Break on Through."

Dan O'Dowd also says (in a separate article) that no trade is likely for the moment, and that Garrett Atkins, the likely trade item, would only bring back another player that is under-performing. And opposing execs know they won't look at Garrett Atkins until he starts hitting better.

And contrary to what the article includes, Jason Grilli, traded to the Rockies in April 2008, did indeed return to Detroit in 2008: here and here.

Apparently Aaron Cook had nothing going for him when he was warming up in the bullpen before last night's game.

Don Baylor will be with the team tonight.