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Sunday Rockpile: Links from the road.

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Firing Hurdle may not matter because: the players lack resources, mental toughness, discipline, etc.., While Hurdle has no control over the first item on Troy E. Renck's list, and admittedly it's a doozy, shouldn't the rest, including the killer instinct he lauds as making a winner of Juan Pierre, be instilled by a manager? 

Paul Phillips is Chris Iannetta's likely roster replacement, if only he had the magical facial hair that would convince Rockies fans his lack of ability doesn't matter. Of course, the bulk of the playing time will go to Yorvit Torrealba in Chris's absence, I think the loss on offense might not be as noticeable as the loss of a viable arm to throw out would be baserunners.

Patrick Saunders writes about the error issue. Mental lapses resulting in an "E" are just a part of this team's struggles on defense. Speaking of which, I haven't had an opportunity to check out the comments from yesterdays game thread yet, but from my vantage point last night it looked like CDI's error should have gone to Stewart instead, it looked like a solid, catchable throw, did I misread that?

The update on Jeff Francis' recovery is found here. I'm not sure what to expect when he returns, so I'm trying to keep my hopes low-key. 

Jack Etkin wonders why the Rockies have Interleague games, but I'm sort of grateful for it given that the AL portion of the schedule makes up a good chunk of when I've been able to see the team in person over the last three years.

I'm glad I was around to witness Huston Street's 100th career save, and hope in the bloodletting to come that the Rockies figure out a way to retain his services for a while longer. I mean, unless some GM just goes silly with what they're willing to offer. The guy is pretty sharp this year.