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Tuesday Rockpile: Amidst the rubble rises the ToddFather

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If last night's debacle gave you a headache, you're not the only one.  Though it was a celebration for our veteran Todd Helton and memorial for nation's veterans, it spun wildly out of control.  I can't blame Todd Helton, who left after four innings with apparently his first migraine headache

It was the fifth and sixth time the Rockies gave up 5 or more in an inning, and the day's festivites soon turned to boos.  What a day.

Still, the ToddFather is having a remarkable turnaround in his own right from back surgery, which Tracy Ringolsby touched on yesterday for FoxSports.  I felt this offseason that he would surprise some people with his success coming off the surgery, especially after Spring Training, but I didn't expect him to be pushing a .400 wOBA.

Troy E. Renck answers several questions in his latest mailbag.  Highlights:

  • Franklin Morales will throw a simulated game today as is about three weeks away, and "if Jorge De La Rosa doesn't get on track soon, he could be the odd man out."  Morales will begin a rehab assignment if things go well.
  • "Atkins has been the Rockies' most consistent hitter for the better part of four seasons."  I'm assuming that "consistent" adjective refers to the downward slope of his productivity.
  • Helton told Renck re: the 2,000th hit: "You're right, it's pretty (darn) cool."
  • He expects Carlos Gonzalez to be called up in 1-5 weeks.

Patrick Saunders features CarGo in his latest column, stating basically that the outfielder has otherworldly talent and very solid AAA production, but is blocked by three lefty OFs and that he needs to lay off the "cruise control" he seems to like.  Despite some "free CarGo" chants," he seems to have the right idea

"I tell myself not to rush because I know that right time is going to come," he said. "I am taking this time in the minor leagues to try and get better. When I get my next chance to go up to the big leagues, I want to be really good."

Speaking of personal drive, Yorvit Torrealba believes he needs to perform a lot better and "be ready [to] find a way to get it done" in Chris Iannetta's absence.

Jack Etkin gives an injury reportGreg Smith pitched Sunday in a AAA rehab start and initial reports were great, but it turns out he was forced to leave due to shoulder stiffness after just 65 pitches, so we're still in wait-and-see mode with him.  Taylor Buchholz threw 35 pitches in a bullpen session Sunday, will throw another tomorrow, and could face hitters later in the week.  Jeff Baker is seeing the doctor that has operated on his wrist in the past.  He is eligible to return June 27.

As a side note:  The Rockies are now 1-4 in games following consecutive wis.  Their last and only 3-game winning streak came by beating Dan Haren, Doug Davis and Cole Hamels on the way to that 3-1 start.