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Dodgers 7, Rockies 1: Rox done in with a rough inning...again.

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No matter the game or the opponent, the Colorado Rockies just cannot seem to get away from big innings or allowing massive amounts of runs with two outs. Tonight was no different, as a three-run double by Casey Blake in the top of the fifth inning off of Aaron Cook gave the Dodgers a 4-0 lead, and they never looked back.

Cook (3-2) was in quite a rhythm after a rough first inning, crafting his way through the Dodger lineup and inducing ground out after ground out. However, a mixture of poor control and poor umpiring got him into trouble in the fifth, and Blake made him pay for it by ripping a double into deep left-center field, over the head of Matt Murton. Cook ended up pitching into the seventh, where he allowed another run after allowing consecutive hits by Juan Pierre and Orlando Hudson before departing in favor of Josh Fogg, who ended the inning with a strikeout and couple of ground balls. The next inning, Jason Grilli threw his second consecutive stinker, allowing two runs on three hits.

There was not a whole lot to be pumped about on the offensive side of things. Clint Barmes led off the bottom of the fifth with a leadoff home run (5) to cut the lead to three, but the Rox were unable to scratch across any runs after that, despite having a few opportunities. Seven different Rockies had one hit in the game (including Cook), but nobody had more than that. Granted, Eric Milton (1-0) pitched fairly well and the umpires possibly had blue-colored glasses (though as always, that's up for debate).

Defensively, well...Omar Quintanilla had a fantastic barehanded catch in the 9th!

Colorado (18-27...insert 2007 comparison here) will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow afternoon with Ubaldo Jimenez taking the mound against Clayton Kershaw. It should be a good matchup (I hope).

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