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Rockies confirm all our worst fears, lose to Giants.

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Fears confirmed today:

  1. If the Rockies don't score early, you can forget about them winning late.
  2. The umpires really are out to get us.
  3. Clint Hurdle will bunt us to oblivion if given the chance.
  4. The heart of the lineup is a lead weight out to sink us all.
  5. Jason Hammel is actually pretty good, but now might not like us very much because we can't score runs for him.
  6. Manny Corpas can't save us.
  7. Barry Zito has been reborn.
  8. Matt Belisle wil be given another chance.
  9. The Rockies might outscore every non-Dodger opponent on the season but still wind up with only sixty-five wins.
  10. There could be an infinite number of X-Men Origins movies and they likely aren't going to get any better.

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