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Purple Row on KOA's This Week in Rockies Baseball

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Some of you may have already heard my interview earlier today on This Week in Rockies Baseball with Chris Lewis, but here's a link to my ~8 minute interview if you weren't able to listen when it first aired: Russ on TWIRB.

In it, you can hear me discuss what Purple Row is all about, the art and future of blogging, and how I think the season will turn out. I mention that Purple Row celebrated its fourth birthday the other day.  This interview was prerecorded on April 29, so the site's birthday is April 28.

Chris Lewis also has his own blog, which you can check out at Lew on the Rocks.

Now I can say something more about future appearances on KOA. Poseidon's Fist, RockiesMagicNumber, Jabberwocky, and theoldgrizzlybear (who's currently on hiatus for a few more days) are discussing things with Chris Lewis about being on TWIRB. PF, RMN, and Jabberwocky may even go down to the studio and take questions from callers. We'll keep you updated on what happens.