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Saturday Rockpile: The Aftermath

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In the wake of Clint Hurdle's firing, there are naturally many pieces out there that focus on why it happened:

Troy E. Renck talked to a few players (namely, Todd Helton) who addressed the fact that they are the reason why Hurdle got the axe. At the bottom of the article, Dan O' Dowd predicts that some Rockies may have a hard time adjusting to Jim Tracy's tough style of managing.

Meanwhile, Dave Krieger suggests that the ballclub's issues fall more on O'Dowd than Hurdle. By that, he means that the players on the field aren't getting the job done - which goes back to what Todd and the boys talked about in the previous article. One thing I thought was interesting was the fact that Dan O'Dowd pushed Clint Hurdle to get Ian Stewart consistent at-bats, while failing to make a roster move to open up a spot for him. As we know, Stewart has struggled mightily, but the two guys he could have replaced - Garrett Atkins and Clint Barmes - haven't done real well either.

Tracy Ringolsby echoed Dave Krieger's sentiment of Hurdle being the wrong fall guy in an article for I'll have to agree with the Cowboy - an attitude change is definitely overdue.

The move affected the entire organization, as Jack Etkin outlines in this article, as several coaches/managers were moved around to fill in spots after Hurdle's exit/Tracy's promotion.