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Do as Venetians do - San Diego is sinking into oblivion

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NL West Report

Arizona (11-14, t-3rd, L1)

Last Week: 2-1 vs Cubs, 2-2 at Brewers

This Week:2 game series @ Dodgers, 2 game series @ Padres, 3 game series vs Nationals

News: As reported last week, the D-Backs could be sellers at the trading deadline. With Brandon Webb injured and not a trading candidate, Nick Piecoro suggests Doug Davis could be traded.

Doug Davis

#49 / Pitcher / Arizona Diamondbacks





Sep 21, 1975

Other candidates are Felipe Lopez and Jon Garland. With our luck, the D-Backs will completely collapse and land the first overall pick. Again.

Tom Gordon's return to the bullpen didn't last long. He landed on the15-day DL today after injuring his leg making a tag at home yesterday. It's highly probable that Gordon will be on the DL for longer than 15 days.

Justin Upton is finally breaking out his bat in 2009, this time not against the Rockies. His moonshot at Milwaukee over the weekend was impressive, though it was mere feet longer than Dreamy's shot last week.

Arizona Diamondbacks Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Tom Gordon hamstring 05/04/2009
Stephen Drew hamstring 04/25/2009
Brandon Webb shoulder 04/07/2009

Los Angeles (18-8, 1st, W4)

Last Week: 1-2 @ Giants, 4-0 vs Padres

This Week: 2 game series vs. D-Backs, 2 game home series vs. Nationals, 3 game home series vs. Giants. Twenty-six games into the season, the Dodgers have yet to lose a home game at 10-0. That trend should change this week with all 7 games at home. We can only hope.

News: The Dodgers are winning, but outside of Randy Wolf and early Cy Young candidate Chad Billingsley, their rotation is highly unstable. Yahoo's Tim Brown reflects on the rotation status. It is very unlikely that the Dodgers will acquire a starting pitcher with Hiroki Kuroda, Shawn Estes, Eric Milton and Jason Schmidt as in house possibilities.

Jason Schmidt

#29 / Pitcher / Los Angeles Dodgers





Jan 29, 1973

Speaking of Schmidt, he is rehabbing well in extended spring training. He threw 89 pitches in 7 innings before being hit with a line drive off his shin. In another bizarre twist, Schmidt was supposed to be making a rehab start in the minors but reported to extended spring training stemming from a "miscommunication."

Hiroki Kuroda is still weeks from returning.

Los Angeles Dodgers Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Manny Ramirez hamstring 05/04/2009


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Hong-Chih Kuo elbow 04/30/2009
Jason Schmidt shoulder 03/30/2009
Hiroki Kuroda oblique 04/07/2009

60 Day DL / Out for the season

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Doug Mientkiewicz shoulder 04/17/2009
Claudio Vargas elbow 04/05/2009

San Diego (11-14, t-3rd, L5)

Last Week: 1-2 at Rockies, 0-4 at Dodgers.

This Week: 2 game home series vs Rockies, 2 game home series vs D-Backs, 3 game road series vs Astros

News: Kevin Towers may shake up the roster if the Padres continue to fall apart, but without resources, trades won't be involved. Those changes would more than likely be restocking the pitching staff with AAA arms. Warm body for warm body. Good luck with that.

New CEO Jeff Moorad did a chat with fans on Of note, he stated that he would like to keep Jake Peavy, though "no one player is untouchable." Except maybe Adrian Gonzalez, who he stated could be signed to an extension before 2010.

After getting run out of Coors Field Monday, Chris Young recognized he has to limit the thefts, but stating it "doesn't change the way I'm pitching" is pretty counterproductive to that goal.

San Diego Padres Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Shawn Hill elbow 04/26/2009
Cha Seung Baek forearm 03/30/2009
Walter Silva forearm 04/14/2009

60 Day DL / Out for the season

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Mark Worrell elbow 03/27/2009
Mike Adams shoulder 03/27/2009
Everth Cabrera hand 04/20/2009

San Francisco (12-11, 2nd, W1)

Last Week: 2-1 vs Dodgers, 2-1 vs Rockies. The Giants have now won five consecutive series, winning two games in each.

This Week: 2 game road series at Cubs, 2 game road series at Giants, 3 game road series at Dodgers. It will be difficult for the Giants to stay hot this week being on the road all week, especially when they visit Chavez Ravine this weekend.

News: Jason Whitlock thinks the Royals should sign Barry Bonds. Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle thinks Bonds should retire.

Barry Bonds

#25 / Left Field / San Francisco Giants





Jul 24, 1964

Count both on my feet in Schulman's camp. Andrew Baggarly had a conversation with Bonds, which was as enlightening as usual.

The Giants offense has been abysmal. Grant at MCC has a comical scouting report on the specific type of pitcher that neutralizes the Frisco bats.

Forbes named AT&T Park the best MLB stadium last month.

San Francisco Giants Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Noah Lowry shoulder 03/27/2009
Andres Torres hamstring 04/28/2009
Sergio Romo elbow 03/27/2009
Joe Martinez concussion 04/10/2009