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Monday Pebble Report: Carlos Gonzalez steals home but Sky Sox lose two.

Colorado Springs: L 3-6, L 4-7

Carlos Gonzalez continues to make strides toward returning to the majors, going three for seven in yesterday's double header for the Sky Sox with two walks. In the continuation of Friday night's suspended contest, Gonzalez hit a two run double and then later made a rare steal of home after walking and advancing to third on a Matt Miller single. Miller stole second on the play, so I'm guessing that Gonzalez broke when the catcher attempted to stop Miller. Anyway, over his last ten games, Gonzalez is hitting .405/.444/.786 with three SB's, 19 RBI and 12 runs scored.

Jason Hirsh pitched a decent six innings in the suspended contest despite the loss, surrendering only two runs. EY2 stole two bases that game but had only his second failed attempt on the season in game two. Young is now 16/18 on SB's for the season.

Tulsa: Postponed

Modesto: L 2-9

The best part of this game was Hector Gomez adding two more hits, including a double.

Asheville: L 0-7

Similarly, not much to dwell on here as the Tourists were held to four singles. The entire T's lineup was outshined by Mets prospect Sean Ratliff, who hit three doubles and a homer off of Robinson Fabian.