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Wednesday Rockpile: Rockies Fans, the Opportune Moment has Arrived

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Well, Rockies fans, that sucked. Colorado lost another one run game, bringing the total tally to eight losses this year with zero victories--and just as Matt Daley was getting a glowing article written about him by Thomas Harding and one praising his delivery by Troy Renck. On a night in which San Diego drew only 13,646 people, the Rockies wasted a sterling outing by Aaron Cook and, quite frankly, I'm done talking about it.

Let's look to the future instead. The Rockies now will return to their home turf for an eight game home-stand against beatable opposition. If the Rockies are going to make a serious run this year, they'd sure as heck better feast on this kind of opposition, especially at home. With the Dodgers playing as well as they are, the Rockies can't afford not to. As Johnny Depp would said: perhaps the Rockies were merely waiting for the opportune moment to play their best baseball. Or perhaps the Rockies subscribe to the Thomas Hobbes theory that life (and baseball) is nasty, brutish, and short. I'll hope for now that the Rockies have some better baseball in them as they enter the easy part of the schedule.

Lately the Rockies' starters have been very good, and who knows, maybe Hurdle will keep his latest lineup change (Atkins out of the cleanup spot) long enough to spark some more of the bats. Before last night's game, Tracy Ringolsby wrote yet another "increased urgency" article (albeit a well-written one), with some Clint Hurdle comments in response to the team's early season performance:

"I don’t consider it early,’’ said Hurdle. "I think it is time to move on. It is time to play good baseball. I’m not going to sit on my hands for 40 games and then go from there. We have a good team and we need to expect to play like a good team."

 Ringolsby goes on to defend (or at least try to justify) Hurdle's juggling of the lineup thus far this year, talking also about the influence of the media in blowing some of these moves out of proportion.

Hurdle stuck to the company line, so to speak, when talking about one-run games:

"A good team wins it’s share of one-run games,’’ said Hurdle. "We know that. We know we have a good team. We need to play like a good team."

Meanwhile, Renck answers some questions in his mailbag. Topics include Tulo's benching, Ubaldo's consistency, Orlando Hudson, and Jason Grilli.

Finally, Terry Frei whines about baseball. His grievances: pants, pitch counts, time, and seamheads. I'm guessing he doesn't like to read Purple Row.