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Game #27: Matt Cain vs Jason Marquis

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Giants fans are still operating under the assumption that they're the NL West team most likely to represent a threat to the Dodgers this season. They certainly seem to be getting the most Schadenfreude from the Manny Ramirez suspension, the McCoven has blown up with glee at the news.

Time to teach them not to look ahead to their three game set with the Dodgers this weekend until they've finished their work in Colorado today? I think so.

Go Rockies!


San Francisco Giants @ Colorado Rockies

05/07/09 1:10 PM MDT

San Francisco Giants Colorado Rockies
Fred Lewis - LF Dexter Fowler - CF
Emmanuel Burriss - 2B Troy Tulowitzki - SS
Pablo Sandoval - 3B Todd Helton - 1B
Bengie Molina - C Ryan Spilborghs - LF
Randy Winn - CF Brad Hawpe - RF
Rich Aurilia - 1B Chris Iannetta - C
Juan Uribe - SS Ian Stewart - 3B
Nate Schierholtz - RF Clint Barmes - 2B
Matt Cain - P Jason Marquis - P