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Thursday Rockpile: Signing Tyler Matzek still looking iffy; Torrealba and Baker recovering

Big media in big media markets tend to take an aggressive approach when it comes to smaller markets stepping on their turf, such is the case with this LA Times story on Tyler Matzek. From the aggressive first line acting as if the Rockies are out of their league in approaching the pitcher:

If the Colorado Rockies think the pressure of negotiating a signing bonus might rattle Tyler Matzek, then they obviously didn't watch him compete in the Southern Section baseball playoffs.

to the end of the story, there's not much to recommend here. In the end, Matzek will get professional money from the Rockies if he wants to be a professional, he'll get his amateur money (read nothing, well, hopefully nothing) if he acts like an amateur. Right now, it's hard to say. It seems he might be leaning toward Oregon, but who knows if that's a front or not. The Rockies would be wise not to sign him if he's sticking to $7 million. Matzek's not Rick Porcello, so there's no need to give him that kind of money, but at the same time, the Rockies would be foolish not to offer him something substantial nonetheless.

High praise for upwardly Mobile pitcher Jimenez - The Denver Post

Ubaldo Jimenez gets praised by Randy Johnson and feels honored.

The notes column from the Denver Post also includes the item that Patrick Saunders originally blogged about yesterday, that Yorvit Torrealba's not ready to return to action yet:

Yorvit Torrealba

#8 / Catcher / Colorado Rockies





Jul 19, 1978

Torrealba needs time to get in shape : All Things Rockies


Rockies defeat Tampa Bay Rays, 5-3 - The Denver Post

One streak's over, now the real question is whether the Rockies continue their winning way now that they know it's possible for them to lose every now and then. As Ken Rosenthal notes in one of the links below this one, we might not know everything until the team comletes its next road trip, a West Coast swing that includes series against the Dodgers and Angels. First on the docket, of course, is completing a winning homestand, and that means beating the Rays for this series tonight.


Inside the Colorado Rockies " Quick hits: Iannetta’s bat returns 

Jeff Baker

#10 / Second Base / Colorado Rockies





Jun 21, 1981


Inside the Colorado Rockies " Baker Ready for Rehab -

Jeff Baker, who's become somewhat the forgotten man on the roster for the Rockies, is ready for his rehab assignment. There's going to be a roster crunch when he's ready to return in a week or so, and it's not entirely clear what direction the club will go at that point. Dexter Fowler and Carlos Gonzalez haven't hit that well at the MLB level thus far, and optioning either of them back to Colorado Springs would seem to be the easiest call, but the lessons both need to advance (hitting MLB level breaking pitches) seemingly won't be learned at AAA, making the dilemma a little more complex.


MLB - - FOX Sports on MSN - Ken Rosenthal suggests that he still believes that the Rockies aren't contending and sees Jason Marquis and Huston Street as prime targets, with one GM suggesting that the Rockies could get more for Street than the A's get for dealing Matt Holliday.

Shawn Chacon Signs With Athletics: MLB Rumors - - MLBTradeRumors says that Shawn Chacon has signed a minor league deal with the A's.