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Tuesday Rockpile: Just keep winning, just keep winning

The many views of the streaking Rockies

Just in case you have missed it, ESPN's John Kruk shows why he is a baseball writer and analyst despite really being neither at all. In his latest story, he defined the Rockies winning 17 of 18 as a "small streak" and that the Rockies are not a threat to take the Wild Card.  Instead, the bumbling Mets and Phillies are despite providing zero analysis or insight as to why.   Note the banner at the top of the home page now.

If you're curious, the Rockies are given a 39.21% chance of making the playoffs, fourth in the NL behind the Dodgers, Cardinals and Mets.  Also, Jim Tracy now has more wins than Clint Hurdle in 2009 - with 23 fewer losses. We also have the second best Pyth. W-L in the National League.

A month ago, we were writing off the season, citing that lightning does not strike twice.  There's no way this team could win 21 of 22.  Except even that is attainable now.  We just need to win four straight, and that is certainly possible with Jim Tracy's top two starters taking on the Angels followed by two games against Oakland, who has been one of the worst teams in the league.

Colorado Rockies on a tear under Jim Tracy - MLB - Yahoo! Sports
Arnie Stapleton is a bit more detailed and open-minded in his story, at least compared to Kruk's "annoying-Rockies-shoo-just-disappear-so-I-can-talk-Phillies" tone.  He gives all the credit to Tracy for the turn around based on multiple player quotes.  I'm starting to have difficulty refuting the presence of a manager in this case.

Hurdle knows the spark behind red-hot stretch - The Denver Post
Speaking of which, erstwhile manager Clint Hurdle spoke on MLB Network last night and cited Jim Tracy as the entire reason for the streak, saying "It starts at the top with the manager."  Troy Tulowitzki puts it specifically and bluntly:

"[Tracy] is the exact opposite of Hurdle. You had a guy who was very loud, very intimidating and sometimes you didn't know what you were going to get with your lineup.  Tracy is low maintenance, very mild-tempered, will let you know if you aren't playing."

Prior to the move, I had been skeptical of appointing Tracy.  Both had reputations of being a player's manager, and clearly a complete change in philosophy was needed.  You have to think that complete change has been found by the quotes coming from the players.

Anaheim victory Rockies' 9th straight on road - The Denver Post and Rockies rout stretches joy ride to 17-1 - The Denver Post
Troy Renck is so excited he posted the same story twice with different headlines.  Or at least most of the same story.  He touches on Cook's franchise best 59th win.  Also, the Rockies have already set a franchise record for June wins despite having lost the first three games of the month.

Kiszla: Respect for franchise must start here - The Denver Post
Mark Kiszla is confused.  He blames Rockies fans for not embracing their team and making Denver a baseball town - despite their very respectable draw at the gate through losing season after losing season.  That general apathy has turned the national media's attention away, apparently.  Then he seamlessly transitions back to the home line of saying the Rockies' fans deserve to be treated better by the Monforts and that they are cheapskates.


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Rincon brings experience to Rox's 'pen | News
Quinn Roberts profiles the newest Rockie in the bullpen:  Juan Rincon.  Roberts suggests that Rincon's eight years in the AL will help in interleague play.  Uh, probably not.  Rincon will be most likely pitching strictly in low leverage situations in the last five interleague games.  The guy's stuff will make a significantly greater effect on the bullpen.

Halos place Santana on disabled list | News
Tonight's starter Ervin Santana was placed on the DL.  His forearm tendinitis pushed his last start back, but he was expected to be able to go.  Instead, the Angels have recalled 21-year-old Sean O'Sullivan.  He allowed just one run on five hits in seven innings in his major league debut last Tuesday.  Here's his pitch type distribution from the start.  Marc Hulet at Fangraphs says: "O’Sullivan has solid control and understands how to pitch with average stuff