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Thursday Rockpile: With Rockies run over, anxiety attacks starting...

Losing two in a row to the Angels at their home park isn't something that unheard of this season, even the Red Sox have done it. Yet because of the way the Rockies started the season in the gutter, people seem to be assuming that this is more like seeing a recovering alcoholic at the bar, and the wheels have fallen off the wagon:

Road turns against Rockies - The Denver Post

Troy Renck questions if the Rockies are suffering an identity crisis. The rest of the road trip will help us know, Oakland and Dodger Stadium are two venues Rockies teams in the past haven't fared so well in. Of course, the last time we visited Oakland the Rockies starting pitchers were Brian Bohanon, Denny Neagle and Pedro Astacio, so maybe the history there doesn't mean as much, but the Dodgers have certainly had our number of late.

Jason Marquis battled, and fought to stay in the game last night, but Tracy Ringolsby asks, "Was it a good idea?" My opinion is that at 6-0 after three innings, the game was pretty much already in the Angels court and that's where Marquis as innings eater became more important than Marquis as winner. Leaving him in didn't pay the Rockies last night, but it may later in the season.

***********'s Joel Sherman and's Rob Neyer both see the legitimacy behind the Rockies 2009 revival:

Rockies hot streak under Jim Tracy has them thinking trade - Joel Sherman -

Are these Rockies for real? - SweetSpot by Rob Neyer - ESPN

Sherman's article mentions that Jhoulys Chacin may be the Rockies preferred internal option to replace a starter later in the season rather than going out and looking for one on the trading block, Chacin will get some early big game practice Friday as he's set to start in Tulsa's "playoff" game with Springfield. As Jack Etkin writes, it's actually a regular season game that will count in the second half standings as well as a winner take all play-in for the first half title.


Tulowitzki’s Revival | FanGraphs Baseball

Dave Cameron at FanGraphs takes a look at Tulo's resurgence.

Saunders: Rockies' Marquis, Spilborghs are keepers - The Denver Post

Patrick Saunders opines that the Rockies should keep both Ryan Spilborghs and Jason Marquis in light of Sherman's note from the NY Post yesterday that a Phillies deal had been in the works.

Lovin' box scores, shortstops and one-pitch outs - ESPN 

Peter Gammons blogs that if the Rockies do decide to market Spilly, there will be plenty of interest, including from the Red Sox, Rangers and Tigers. Oddly enough, I haven't found any rumors this morning of teams inquiring on Garrett Atkins despite his great performance last night. Should he outhit Matt Holliday while the Rockies are at Oakland? That might make it a different story.

Rockies' Gonzalez stays confident after rough start - The Denver Post

More Rockies notes, including news that Carlos Gonzalez is still confident, Clint Barmes is still number two, and that Nolan Arenado, the second round pick from this year's draft was a guest of the Rockies for the series but apparently Tyler Matzek declined the invitation as negotiations continue.