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Saturday Rockpile: Friedrich's MRI results, Atkins coming alive, Matt Holliday = Ryan Spilborghs?

Inside the Colorado Rockies - Friedrich Has Elbow Soreness, Nothing Worse
Good news out of Modesto, as an MRI showed no structural damage to Christian Friedrich's elbow. The Rockies need to be very careful in how they use him, but also need to keep in the back of their mind that should he get healthy and return to form, he should be on the fast track to the big leagues, and needs to be prepared for it.

Atkins showing signs of life - The Denver Post
Garrett Atkins notched his second straight three-hit game last night - and both have been in road games against solid pitching. Hopefully he keeps improving that trade value.

Rockies predict greatness from Gonzalez | News
Despite being mired in quite a slump as of late, Jim Tracy still plans on sticking with Carlos Gonzalez. I'm sure the young outfielder is fine with that; as the article states, the Rockies are 15-3 since Gonzalez was called up, and any young player HAS to love that.

Coliseum holds fond memories for Tulowitzki - The Denver Post
Patrick Saunders spoke with Troy Tulowitzki about his childhood memories of spending time at the Coliseum in Oakland. There's also more on Atkins in this piece, but the best part comes in the form of a quote from Jim Tracy when asked about Clint Barmes' slump:

"I just want him to feel comfortable and relax a little bit. I kidded and told him, 'You have to get busy because a lot of us are getting a sore throat from that draft coming through the dugout'"

Jayson Stark's Sandwich Awards - ESPN
Stark mentions that the Rockies won 17 out of 18 games for the second time in three seasons - a feat that nearly half of the teams in baseball have NEVER accomplished.

Matt Holliday welcomes the Rockies to his new house -
The author (Travis Lay) compares the Rockies trading Holliday to the Rockies actually trading Ryan Spilborghs, as they have similar batting lines this year. Spilborghs has three less home runs, but is hitting .263/.333/.419, compared to Holliday's .274/.372/.433. Holliday wins in OBP, but based on career numbers, we can expect that Spilborghs will get better in that area as the season progresses - if he gets playing time.